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Crystalyte 72 Volt 35 Amp Controller for Electric Bicycles

Exclusive custom 72 volt Crystalyte controller. This controller is the one provided with our BMC 1000w Brushless Kit & our 1500w Monster Scooter kit. The controller is a 72 Volt 35 Amp, upto (55/60 Amps) controller. The controller has multiple features, such as reversing the direction of the motor from clockwise to counter clockwise with the turn of a key. It also has adjustable current(amperage) & voltage (for experts only). We have them prewired for our BMC kits, and they are simple to use. This controller can be used at 24 volt, 36 volts, 48 volt, 60 volts, and 72 volts. If you request the higher amperage of 55-60amps, please makes sure to select this from the drop down menu below.

Additional Features:

  • Master On/Off switch
  • Adjustable Voltage Cutoff
  • Adjustable to Clockwise(CW) or Counter Clockwise(CCW) Rotation
  • Dimensions: Length 7"| Width 3.25" | Height 2.25"

    Optional Accessories:

  • Brushless High Wattage Motor (750w, 1000w, 1500w)
  • SLA or Lithium Power Source (24 Volt, 36 Volt, 48 Volt, 72 Volt)
  • SD200 Thumb Type Potentiometer Throttle

    Limited supplies in stock.


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