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12 Volt 18 Ah Electric Scooter Battery - 24 Volt 18 Ah (Set of 2)

Superkids Online offers the highest quality MK 12 volt batteries for your 24 volt & 36 volt scooter. Our factory fresh 12 volt 18 ah batteries come from the best sealed lead acid battery manufacturers in the United States. We offer top quality 12 volt SLA batteries with competitive pricing, and have been in the electric scooter and electric bike battery business for over 12 years.

Factory Fresh 12 volt 18 amp batteries are in stock at Superkids Online!

Excellent source of SLA battery power for longe range. These batteries are high amperage batteries, which are a great choice when cosidering the length of time your batteries will hold a charge. The 12 volt 18 amp batteries we have also work with the older long range Currie Scooters.

These batteries are deisgned to fit the following Currie Scooters (perfect match):

  • GT Tsunami
  • Schwinn XCEL
  • Mongoose Pro Fusion.

    Battery Dimensions

  • Length 7" x Width 3" x Height 6.5"


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