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24 Volt 1.5 Amp XLR Charger for Currie, Schwinn, Izip & Ezip Scooters (Qili Power)

24 Volt 1.5 Amp replacement smart charger with male XLR (round 3-prong) connector. This Qili charger is a brand new design by the factory. This charger is standard on all Currie, Ezip, Izip, Schwinn, GT, Mongoose, & HCF 24 Volt Electric Scooters (with XLR Charging port). This charger also is a perfect match for 24 volt SLA Currie electric bicycles (with 3pin XLR Port), USPD Pro Drive conversion kits, and many other 24v electric bikes. This charger is small in size, and fits in almost any pocket. This 24 volt XLR charger is compatible with ALL 24 volt scooters that use a 3 prong XLR connector.

This charger is compatible with the following scooters:

  • Ezip: E4.5, E400, E450, E500, E750, E900, Ezip Trailz Bicycle
  • Schwinn: S500, S750(24v), S650, S350, S250, S400, Missle FS, F18, Xcel, Zone5, Fly FS
  • GT: GT500, GT250, GT200, GT Kobra, GT450, Asteroid, Tsunami, Shockwave
  • Izip: i500, i400, i350, i300, Izip Trailz
  • Mongoose: M150, M200, M250, M350, Z350, Pro Fusion, Pro Hornet, Rocket FS
  • Currie: Lightning FS, Phat Flyer, Phat Phantom, Scoot-E, KDZ1000, Mini-E
  • All 24v LashOut & BladeZ scooters
  • ALL other scooter with a 24 volt Power source and XLR connector

    LED Display: Green-Charged OK, Red-Charging.

    24 Volt, 1.5amp Smart Charger

    Optional: XLR to BIKE Connector adapter for Currie/Izp/Ezip Electric Bike Battery Pack.


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