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Currie Twist Throttle (3pin) for 24 Volt Izip Scooters & Schwinn Electric Scooters

Exclusive at Superkids Online! OEM Currie 24 Volt 3pin Twist Throttles for Currie brush motor scooters. Our OEM Currie twist will work with most 24 volt brushed motor controllers for Currie, GT, Schwinn, Izip & Mongoose Electric Scooters. It does not work with 5pin or 6pin diagnostic controllers.

This is a standard 3pin/3-wire twist throttle. It has 3 wires going from the throttle to the white female connector end. The throttle cable is approx 61" long.

Currie 3pin Twist is Standard Issue for:

  • Schwinn S350(3pin throttle)
  • Schwinn S250 (8" Wheel Scooter)
  • Schwinn S180 (180w Brush Motor)
  • Schwinn F18 (600w Brush Motor)
  • Schwinn Zone 5 (450w Brush Motor)
  • Schwinn Missle FS (450w Brush Motor)
  • Schwinn S400 (350w Brush Motor)
  • Schwinn S300 (250w Brush Motor)
  • Mongose M350 (450w Brush Motor)
  • Mongoose M250 (8" Wheel Scooter)
  • Mongoose Pro Hornet (600w Brush Motor)
  • Mongoose Pro Fusion (600w Long Range)
  • Mongoose Pro Cosmic (450w Brush Motor)
  • GT250 (8" wheel scooter)
  • GT350 (450w Brush Motor)
  • GT Shockwave (600w Brush Motor)
  • Izip i300
  • Izip i400
  • Izip i500 (3pin throttle)


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