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24 Volt 400 Watt Kollmorgen Brushless Currie Electric Scooter Motor

The Kollmorgen "Hi-Kol" was the most popular brushless high torque Currie electric scooter and bike motor designed for the original 24 volt Currie, GT, Mongoose & Schwinn electric scooters. It can be used with many other 24 volt Currie scooters, & the older (USPD) Pro-Drive system (must be reversed for cw rotation). Thr Hi-Kol has an internal controller, which provides excellent throttle response, and amazing power. The HiKol has a great reputation as one of the best Currie motors ever. It is one of the smoothest running brushless motors, and has a great combination of low-end power(torque), RPM's, & top speed. If you're looking for smooth operation at lower speeds, yet need a hill climber, the Hi-Kol is an excellent choice.

Important: This is a Brushless Motor. It has a built in 24 volt 30 amp controller, and uses our 5k ohm thumb throttle. If you have a twist throttle on your scooter, you will need to buy an SD200 Style thumb throttle to use this motor.

Kollmorgan® 24 volt 400 watt brushless motor with built In speed controller Counter clockwise shaft rotation. D-output shaft. Scooter shaft adapter sold seperately. 3 bolt mounting pattern. Built-in variable speed controller works with 5k Ohm throttle or potentiometer to vary the speed of motor from full stop to full forward. Great motors for electronic hobbyists, battlebots, experimenters, and electric scooter and bicycle builders.

  • 24 Volt Brushless Motor
  • Powerful - Can Pull a 200+lb rider.
  • Top Speed: 18++ MPH (90t large sprocket to 15t pinion gear ratio)
  • CCW**Counter Clockwise rotation (RHS- Scooter Motor)
  • 3500 RPMs
  • No Motor bolts provided


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