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12-1/2 x 2.25" Kenda Electric Scooter Tire

Heavy duty & excellent quality Kenda 12.5 x 2.25 street tires are the best 12 x 2.25 replacement electric scooter tires. This Kenda tire is our most popular street tire, and can be used for front or rear wheels. Universal fit for all 12" Electric Scooters.

Works with:

Boreem Jia 602-D, Bravo ES-12, Currie Phat Flyer, Currie Phat Phantom, Cute, Dolphin, Escort, Force 450, Greenline, GT Shockwave, GT Trailz, GT Tsunami, GT-200 (2005 & Older), GT-350, IZIP I-350, Lashout 24 Volt 400 Watt, Lashout 24 Volt 600 Watt, Minimoto Hybrid, Mirage, Mongoose Cosmic, Mongoose Fusion, Mongoose Hornet FS, Mongoose Impact, Mongoose M200 (2005 & Older), Mongoose M350, Mongoose Rocket FS, Mongoose Z350, Nomad, Noricar, Pacelite HCF 707, Raven, Road Racer (Target«), Salorr E3008, Salorr HS3008, Salorr HS3062, Schwinn F18, Schwinn Fly FS, Schwinn Missile FS, Schwinn New Frontier, Schwinn S180, Schwinn S350, Schwinn S600, Schwinn S750 (2005 & Older), Schwinn S750 (2006 & Newer)(24 Volt), Schwinn S750 (2006 & Newer) (36 Volt), Schwinn X-CEL, Schwinn Zone 5, Scoobug, Spirit, Star II 029, Superride, Terminator, Viper, Viva, Whizbang, Windjammer, X-Port, X-Treme X-360, Zappy Xpress,


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