Laws for Electric Scooters, Electric Bikes, & Pocket Bikes

We strongly suggest contacting your local law enforcement, or Department of Motor Vehicles for ALL laws pertaining to the use of any Electric Scooter, Electric Bike, Pocket Bike, or Gas Scooter in your area. It is the sole responsibility of the owner/driver/occupant to do any and all research regarding applicable laws for the use of these products.

**Learn the Law** Electric and gas powered vehicle laws vary by state or city, and are currently changing as electric scooters/bikes gain popularity across the United States. Rather than possibly provide you with outdated information, we recommend that you contact the following agencies for local laws:

  • State Legislature to learn what the scooter laws are in your state.
  • Local Legislature to learn what the scooter law is in your area. (Certain cities have different scooter laws than the state scooter laws. Be sure to check your local scooter laws, especially if you live in California.)

    If you are riding an electric or gas powered vehicle with any kind of storage, we recommend that you carry a copy of all applicable scooter laws, registration requirements and insurance requirements inside your vehicle at all times.

    It is your responsibility to make sure that your vehicle is legal in your area before you buy it online, or use it in public. This applies to any electric scooter, gas scooter, electric bicycle, electric skateboard and pocket bike purchase. If you buy your Scooter, Bike or any vehicle online and then find out later that it is illegal to use, we will not be able to accept a return request.

    We strongly suggest using any and all types of protection when riding your Scooter or Bike. Certain States have Helmets laws, while others do not. We strongly suggest you wear a helmet at all times where ever you are. Knee & elbow pads are important to wear on some scooters and bikes. Please use caution when riding. All Customers assume full responsibility, and full liability when riding any Scooter or Bike. Superkids Online will not be held responsible for any damage or injury caused/inflicted while/from riding any type of scooter or bike. PLEASE RIDE SAFELY!!

  • Please be aware Pocket Bikes and Super Bikes are made in China. Sometimes instructions manuals do not explain everything you need to know! Please understand we are only following the Manufacturers stated specs & cannot guarantee that the instructions will be thorough. If you have ANY questions, please call us prior to operating your bike. Please make sure to thoroughly check your bike, or scooter after each use.

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