24 Volt 4AMP High Power Quick XLR Charger for Schwinn, Izip, Ezip & Currie Scooters - Fan Cooled!

Supercharge your scooter in less then half the time your standard charger will take. This is our premium quality 4 amp charger by High Power It which will charge any 24v scooter four times as quickly as your stock 1amp charger!

This is the best overall performing 24 volt charger you can buy.

The High Power Charger Model #HP8204B is our powerful 24 volt 4 amp quick charger direct from Currie Tech! This charger works with all Schwinn, Ezip, Izip, Mongoose, Currie, GT, HCF 24 Volt Electric Scooters with an XLR Charging port.

Works with: 24v Schwinn Scooters: S180, S250, S350, S500, S400, S180, 24v s750, F18, Zone5, 24v Izip Scooters: i350, i400, i500, i350, 24v i750. 24v Ezip Scooters: e400, e500, e750, e900. 24v Mongoose Scooters: m180, m250, m350, Impact, Pro Fusion, Cosmic, Rocket. GT Scooters: GT200, GT250, GT350, GT500, GT Asteroid, GT Shockwave. Also works with 24v Currie Scooters: Phat Phantom, Lightening FS, Scoot-E, Missle FS, Phat Flyer, & many more!

Optional: XLR to BIKE Adapter for Currie/Izip/Ezip Electric Bike Battery Packs.

Our quick charger will eliminate 3-4 hours of charging time! Do you need a solution to quick charge your Electric Scooter or Electric Bike? If so, you need to seriously consider the High Power 24 Volt 4amp Quick Charger.

This charger will fully charge your scooter in 2-3 hours.Our 4amp Quick charger works with all 24 Volt XLR Currie Built Scooters, Currie Bikes, UPSD Pro Drive Kits, GT Scooters, Schwinn Scooters, Izip Scooters & Mongoose Scooters. It's a great deal, and a must have for all serious riders!

It is also a perfect match for any scooter or bike which uses a 24v source. It comes with a 3-Prong Male round XLR Connector end.


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