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Currie Twist Throttle (5pin) w/ LED for 24 Volt Currie & Ezip Electric Scooters

Currie Tech's 24 volt 5 pin twist throttle is available at Superkids! A more affordable solution for your scooter needs. Replace your broken 24 volt 5 pin LED twist throttle with Currie Tech's OEM 5pin LED twist throttle. This 24 volt throttle works with Schwinn, Izip & Ezip electric scooters!

Please make sure to count the number of wires going into the connector end of your throttle.

This throttle is compatible with the following scooters:

  • Ezip e400
  • Ezip e500
  • Ezip e750
  • Ezip e900
  • Schwinn S500 (5pin Throttle)
  • Schwinn S400 (5pin Throttle)
  • Izip i500 (5pin Throttle)
  • Izip i400 (5pin Throttle)
  • All other Currie, Izip, Ezip, Schwinn, Mongoose & GT Scooters which use a 5pin throttle.


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